The perfect place for your vacation!

Čokori Ranch

is a place for private parties, whether winter or summer, such as various celebrations, birthdays, christenings, business gatherings and more. Since October 2013, the Ranch is also equipped for winter celebrations, and the road passing the Ranch is regularly cleaned in the winter as city buses pass through it every day.

The Ranch is always investing in new projects and improving existing services, in the fall of 2013 we put into operation a closed hall with a kitchen and toilets for winter use, and the rooms for the night have been ready since 2014.

At Chokora Ranch we have:

  • indoor hall with a capacity of 50 people, which is in use in winter and summer
  • covered terrace with a capacity of 50 persons
  • a boy’s house with a capacity of up to 15 children
  • kitchen in the celebration hall
  • men’s and women’s restrooms in the celebration hall
  • utensils and cutlery, refrigerated showcases for food and drink in the celebration room
  • comfortable 26m2 rooms with bathrooms and balconies
  • recreation area and children’s activities (swings, slide, seesaw, etc.)
  • rental bikes and table tennis